Enrique Bunbury began his music career in 1986 as singer and songwriter in the band that defined the spanish rock concept -Héroes del silencio-. He recorded 4 albums with them merging influences from all over the world to create their own imaginary universe with which they toured around Europe, Latin and North America.

Along with Héroes del silencio, Bunbury works the two sides that will be fundamental in his future solo career: Mixing the different influences without losing his Spanish-Latin identity and the philosophy of continuous change.

They debuted with a pop album “El mar no cesa” (1988), they started to play rock with “Senderos de traición” (1990) and they got heavier for “El espíritu del vino” (1993) y “Avalancha” (1996), their last works. Meanwhile, Bunbury was growing as a disquiet musician with a powerful singing attitude, intimate songwriting, and a unique character in the Spanish rock scene. Endless tours, countless hits, and a never-seen fan-following case through all Spanish artists.

In 1996 the band dissolved and Bunbury began a solo career extended until nowadays, as he keeps expanding as an artist bravely crossing frontiers after 21 years.

Now, in 2017, Bunbury released “Expectativas”, his most radical, ambitious and innovative record. With its 11 tracks, the author sets us into a rough ecosystem: Some of those changes that were exposed in “Palosanto”, were fake or they got worse. His songs “En bandeja de plata”, “Al filo de un cuchillo” o “Bartleby” (Mis dominios) are just an exquisite display of a magnificent cocktail of rock, vanguard and smart criticism. Just another proof from the artist as he sings on “El hombre delagado no flaqueará jamás” and “Hellville de Luxe” stating that he’s still on duty.