Bay of Biscay Festival  will keep opened the application deadline for the press accreditation for the 2019 edition until the 15th of July..

For the application for press accreditation to cover Bay of Biscay Festival 2019, it will be compulsory for the media requesting the accreditation to publish previous information of the festival. Besides sending the online application form, to apply for the accreditation it is compulsory to add the following documentation and send it via e-mail to

>  MEDIA, NAME and ID of the people getting the accreditation, as well as the work to be carried out (features, coverage, recording, interviews…).

>  Proof of the previous publication of information regarding the festival depending on the support of the media (links, audios, pdf…).

> In the term of 5 days, we will publish the accepted applications.

However, the accreditation doesn´t guarantee that the photographers and televisions are allowed to photograph or film all the concerts of the festival, since every band has its own specifications and accreditations on that subject.


Coming soon…