Rayden is the pseudonym of David Martínez Álvarez (1985, an eclectic artist from Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

He doesn´t do rap. At the end of the year Rayden gave us a shock with « No hago Rap » [I don´t do Rap], a song which had the intention to be a declaration of principles, and at the same time showed us a teaser of Antónimo, the new album the artist is going to release in March with Warner Music. A face forward and sincere song that impresses with an instrumentation full of guitars as savage as the rhymes of the rapper from Madrid.

Rayden has been building a personal image in the local hip hop for years, an image that sometimes doesn´t fit with the predefined image lots of people have, even stablish, about rap. This brave poet decided some time ago to break with etiquettes, strings, prejudices and limits of a genre that a long time ago asked for risk and innovation. Antónimo is not only an album, is also demonstration of courage that breaks with the established discourse.

The magic of this album is born from the inquisitiveness of David Martínez, the curious human being behind Rayden, and it was also possible thanks to meeting Ale Costa in the studio. The producer from the Canaries, one of the geniuses of the Spanish music, disassociates himself of his works with Fuel Fandango, Chambao or Mojo Project, and coats the verses in Antónimo with rock, psychedelic, funk or R&B.