A successful career supports the journeys of M Clan and Carlos Tarque, its charismatic singer, who, taking advantage of the break the band has taken, has decided to record his first solo album, “Tarque”. It´s a hard rock album that explains by itself, you just need to hit the play and listen. But Carlos Tarque being Carlos Tarque, one of the most powerful singers in Spain, having a personal and unique voice, he is also the co-author of M Clan´s repertoire. In addition, he has had the collaboration of the acclaimed guitarist and producer Carlos Raya to create the ten pieces that form the album.

Without the shadow of a doubt, this is one of the albums and tours of the year. Without pretentions, an authentic, truthful and entertaining piece of work. And there´s no better entertainment that the one that doesn’t fool. With Carlos Tarque there are no gimmicks, but there´s plenty of heart.

Live, besides Carlos Tarque, we can see and listen to on the most powerful bands that can be gathered nowadays in the Spanish-speaking rock scene, since the musicians that have recorded the album are the same presenting it live (Carlos Raya, Coki Giménez and Ivan González “Chapo”).