Atom Rhumba

Three commandments rule Atom Rhumba:

1. Making music that comes from the guts. It may be dirty, but the same as the flowers in the dump, it has great beauty, too. There are no moral or aesthetic bonds. Pulling out all the stops at every concert.
2. The band is EVERYTHING. The individual is not. Atom Rhumba survives in spite of the scars etched on its skin. It has never compromised, neither artistically speaking nor in the mean music business.
3. Always dressed to the nines on stage. Well shaved, wearing shoes and shirts.

This may seem like a lousy maxim but it is not so when they trash your fucking one-horse town. Biographical details? Really? They have been around for 20 years and there’s Google as well… Get as much as you want.

ATOM RHUMBA are back from the swamp.

Rober! – Guitar and lead vocals.
Joseba Irazoki – Guitar and backing vocals.
Andoni Etxebeste – Drums.
Jaime Nieto – Bass guitar.