Minors from 14 years old will have free access to the enclosure always accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian. From 14 years old must pay the ticket.

If the minor´s companion is a parent or a legal guardian they´ll have to present an ID and the family record book or a legal document that proves the relation with the minor.

If the companion is not a parent or a legal guardian, he/she will have to present an authorization signed by a parent or a legal guardian together with a photocopy of the ID of a parent or a legal guardian and of the family record book.

In both cases the person responsible for the minor will have to sign a responsibility exoneration agreement by the Festival that will be provided at the entrance of the festival.

Minors will get an identity bracelet with the minor´s companion phone number in it. The minor will always have to wear the bracelet inside the festival.

The organization recommends the use of earplugs or earphones to avoid overexposure to high volume levels.